Hello Escritori,

Thus far there’s been more to contend with by way of a cold than bipolar to be honest, which is what I’m trying to fast-track myself through. I need to buy my friend’s birthday present with all the trimmings and be well for her very chic Afternoon Tea party shindig next week at a venue that has a BALLROOM and an UNDER FLOOR NIGHTCLUB.

Don’t worry, I’m going to go Fully Blogger on all that ish for you.

Seems a shame to be only having tea there, but it’ll be scones a-go-go. I’ve bought myself a cream and black body-con dress for the occasion as she said she was really going to do full-on glamour. I just want to be able to channel SOMEONE glamorous, crucially without red ridges around my nose…

I have thespian tendencies. It’s easier to be other people.


There’ll be no cream with those scones because Wedding Season kicks off on two consecutive days in early March: needing two separate outfits and hair and make-up looks. I’m a bit worried about having to do consecutive events as lack of sleep is dangerous to my condition, but I will have a plan in place, like keeping hydrated, going home at a decent time and keeping meds in my evening bag.

I’ve admonished Mary 1 gently (my sister) and told her that she better talk to me, for I’ve no Charlotte to my Lizzie at these things, unless my Cousin makes me her conversational sidekick/dining companion/dance partner.

I’ve suspended the job search due to the cold, to pick up again soon, there’s an Assistant Copywriter job which sounds like a dream, which also immediately makes me afraid.

I expressed my interest and the Recruiter said “Just focus on getting well, we’ll get you in the running and the search doesn’t close until the end of the month.” There’s also a Journo position I’m sussing out.

I’m less tired than I was, but still tired. I went for a walk yesterday in my Burberry-esque coat and was relieved to get air and light for the first time in a month. Then seeing two neighbourhood kids, one wielding a Super-Soaker with a purple water barrel and attempting to spray the windscreens of passing cars with a piddling stream of water  – I laughed to myself.

He shot a vertical jet of water into the air and the delighted little girl next to him, I presumed, his sister said:

“Again Charlie, Again!” She laughed riotously.

I’ve often observed that you only really know that you’ve grown up when the first thought you have on a sunny day is:

Oh, great! I better get the laundry on, it’s a good drying day…

Not: Yaaaas. Perfect day for a water-pistol fight!!!

It’s a strange, wistful reflection almost every time.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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