Bonces, Birthdays and Bouquets

Hello Escritori,


For those Scribblers not aware of what the title means, it means I found a visual of an armchair and am now inviting you to park your bonce, a.k.a kindly sit down, all the privileged and beautiful ba-donk-a-donks that follow this blog with ever-so-much glee.

See, I do slang both ways. 😉 That’s just one benefit of being an etymology buff. You don’t have to say a** unless you want to. Word.

Well, I’ve not got much to report on the old vista de mi vida front this week apart from the usual: “I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs and doing a lot of housework, including speed cleaning bathrooms and basically it feels like I got married but without any of the major perks.”

Best to have low expectations.

I hate how my hand automatically typed ‘love’ expectations just then… (Damn thee, thou, Viennese faux-pas…)

Long term domesticity is not good for my mental health, or my creativity. One of my MANY writer friends asked me last night if I was writing ANYTHING and the creeping guilt came upon me, for I have not been. Tell me if you feel this, People.

I’m starting to worry about my poetry muscles. I’m still capable of making  pretty things with ribbon and gold pen accents though – here is Bexticle’s birthday card for this year which hopefully will get to her for real before I post it on the blog. It’s too pretty not to.


Sociability has been further impeded by the shocking turn in the weather. There was an almighty thunderstorm recently (very Jane Eyre) and I saw lightning behind my eyelids. Unfortunately not the kind I’d obviously appreciate, doing my ‘I may not be a lady, but I’m all woman’ gig at present…

I also have a present of tulips for C at Optional Poetry. Incidentally, the word lale (la-leh) means “tulip” in Turkish and is often used as a term of endearment for a woman. Lots of to love Sarah Doughty too. *waves*

I prefer pink ones but this was all I could get. Sorry. You’re both lovely though.

If they were black ones it’d mean the Mafia had been busy.


I have a cold right now… so I’ll have to schlepp my way through that. Let us hope something THRILLING happens, or one of my friends takes pity on me and takes me out to a make-up worthy occasion where we once again quaff beverages, watch cute people á la distance and muse on life.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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