Portable Sunshine


Hello Escritori,

I thought we could do with some flowers around the place.

Here in my corner of the U.K. light hours with blue skies are getting slowly longer and more common. This leads us to slowly close the canopies of our umbrellas, like bats retreating, inching away from full-on coats towards: Burberry-esque cover-ups, cardigans, blazers, leathers, gilets, capes, ponchos, fur collars etc; in that annually baffling state of ‘seasonal transition.’

This is when we pack both umbrellas and shades because you never know…

We emerge, blinking, astounded at the fact that the sky is not grey any more. It’s blue! Who knew?

As much enmity as there is between the English and the French (so common as to be considered mildly patriotic for both) Brits get serious kudos from the French for remaining even mildly cheerful under such perpetually bad weather. I do love French style, but we will always corner the market in quirkiness.

I discovered that we can’t go to the February pre-wedding events which is a relief. Maybe that’s the reason why I had such a hideous dream? I dreamt I was getting married to someone I didn’t even know and had never seen before, was screaming at the top of my lungs to stop proceedings and finally my Mum said:

“The wedding is over. The bride has changed her mind!” in tears.

While my father said in a deadened, barely human voice:

“It has been decreed.”

“By whom! By you, or by God?” I heard my voice cry.It was very distressing.

Pleasanter things however include my friend’s 31st birthday this month. I’ve known her for about two years now. Weirdly we “met” on the phone. I left a mutual friend a voice-mail and she ended up hearing it, thinking it was her and then getting very freaked out about a message she couldn’t remember sending. Then she immediately wanted to know who her “Voice Twin” was.

We bonded right away in person. We both write and have (different types of) bipolar so: Hi, nice to meet you. We’ve been through shit huh? If you need me read something/take a bullet for you/talk you down from a bridge, just call, okay? just happened.

It’s happened with most of the friends I made in 2014.

Ten minutes after we met for real, she asked me if I was married (irony.)

“No… No ring, see? But I’d like to be, to the right person. Why?”

“You just seem really… Together and wholesome. I’ve never met a sufferer as in control as you.”

“Don’t jinx it. I work hard at it and I’ve been lucky.”

I’m going to have to pay some more attention to her preferences as I don’t usually… in order to sleuth out the perfect present.

Deductions, deductions.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


2 thoughts on “Portable Sunshine

    1. Ah, I love me some tulips! Yes there definitely is, dear C. I’m going to be 27 next month. I’ll need all of my followers to help drag me through that realisation…


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