Ahead of the Game

Hello Escritori,

I’ve had a stupidly early doctor’s appointment today about the low reading in my bloods this month.


I can’t really account for it other than just not being bothered to take them, or sleeping late or possibly drinking a lot more tea than usual because I’m in ENGLAND and it’s COLD and so naturally I would lose the benefit of meds through having more than the occasional tinkle.

I’ve obviously rectified the situation as soon as I could, in view of how busy I’ve been. Now I want to stress that I do not have a cavalier attitude. I understand that there are things my meds are doing to keep my mood on an even keel that I am not even registering beneath the surface. This isn’t extreme chemical “brain cuffs” or anything, as I’ve got into a good standard of self awareness: but they are helping.

Therefore I would never intentionally not take meds. A sufficient level of negligence could see me wasting another year of my life in recovery and I do not want that.

I’ve just had a lot of nights where even if they’re right by my bed, I’m just too tired to bother, but I do step-up the self-reminding the next day. So, I will just have to reassure the Doc.

Things will be more normal next month at home. I’m trying to pick myself up from unsuccessful interviews. It’s hard not to be all: “What do I really have going for me, at all?”

One small complicating factor to good mental health practices will be next month’s long hours, vigorous dancing and little sleep that can only mean one thing: Asian Wedding Season is coming.

I knew of course that we had events in April, but now we’ve been hit up for February and March. Sales of make-up wipes soar. I’ve bulk bought a ton of cotton wool balls. (Too tired to think of a balls joke, will nap soon.)

Psychologically it might be better to start forging the annual armour of the singleton at weddings…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




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