Poetry (29)

Hello Escritori,

I was tending a bit on the religious side, (when Pola goes to Ponderland, God does have a habit of turning up) but I hope that doesn’t put anyone off. Didn’t get the job by the way.

I was unsure whether to publish this one or not for that reason, but, well, I’m taking a chance.



Though diamonds

Are worn by

Ladies of leisure,

It is important to remember

That a human

Is only a diamond

When they are rare

And formed beneath

An immensity,

Of pressure.



Only pay heed

To the cut,


And clarity

Of all human deeds.

For without those

We would be but dead

And empty things.


Our history

Is what we carry with us,

In our colour

And our creed

But don’t let it

Raise you up in judgement

For God’s love

Is the only heart

We have.

We are all dust

Upon His sleeve.


Show compassion to the diamond,

Shining bright for all to desire.

And think upon humanity

As having the clarity

Both to endure,


To inspire.


(© Copyright Pola Negri, 15/01/ 2016.)



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