Old School Glamour

Hello Escritori,

Last week was the week of interviews, this week will be the week of hearing back about them. I even had an impromptu telephone interview once I got home. Thankfully, this was after I’d eaten and rested.

It really is a case of practice makes perfect with interviews. I was quite unsure as to whether I’d get the knack back, because it was the first corporate one I’d done in a while: but I feel like I’ve ‘refreshed’ the ability to speak constructively. Overall, I’m glad it’s over.


Enough of that though…

I spent my Saturday last week working at a Vintage themed event, but disastrously, I couldn’t find my red lipstick and thankfully got saved by the lovely Hetty and Becky from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. These guys are based in Essex, U.K, and first established on Facebook but they are getting their site together – adding products as they go.

They were kind enough to let me blag an application of a deep blackberry-red cream formula lipstick. Hetty applied it with rapid skill and an excellent brush that I will definitely invest in soon. The product was really well pigmented, cruelty free, Vegan (apart from the beeswax ones) and nourishing. It was comfortable to wear like a matte balm, lasted all day and faded away after lasting a long time. It had almost gone by the time I had time to take pictures, sorry – I was working!


I tried to resist all the lovely stock but happened upon an online jewellery-making duo’s stand. Mother and daughter team Forage and Find source Vintage jewellery, sell it and and re-set it.

Alice, the daughter, (named of course for the literary one) was lovely and I bought a very elegant little sterling silver ring, with a beautiful blue-toned, faceted moonstone. I loved the fact that their earrings were displayed using Vintage sepia photos reprinted on the earring packaging card.

I went home and researched the symbolism of moonstones and found: passionate love, luck, protection on journeys, inspiration and good dreams. Lovely stuff!

Despite the fact I was mainly leafleteering and washing up with the tea-room team, I had a great, largely stress free, fun day and met a lot of interesting and creative people. From opera singers to podiatrists. I kid you not. Hi to all of you who will eventually drop by!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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