Glove Notes

Hello Escritori,

On Thursday last, I went by the scenic route to get my meds, reflecting that I’d better phone the doctor to check my blood test results.

Some people welcomed in the New Year with a carnival-esque level of abandon, by kissing strangers. The world seems to be swarming with couples at the moment, MUSLIM ones too, which is rarer to see in terms of open PDAs, which are limited by the rule of modesty in public.

And it’s not even February yet…

I welcomed in New Year by having a woman called Barbara stick a needle in my arm while I looked away and asked her about her Christmas. I try to be more glamorous about bipolar bloods by referring to them as: “An interview with a Vampire” although Barbara… wasn’t the ideal.


Back in the relative future, whilst revelling in the walk, I notice a cream-wool, cable-knit, child’s mitten on the flat top of a fence-post and get a sort of maternal and writerly pull in unison. I remember the rhyme about little kittens who’ve lost their mittens.






Uh oh.


A way further, shoved between the top of a fence and the bottom of a hedge was a clearly adult sized grey and fluorescent green glove.

Why is it always just one glove that’s lost?!



Oh whatever. 

I pout. Then I study the glove: Male adult size, clearly for outdoors, possibly cycling actually, that would fit the texture and fabric and the colours… So maybe not a gardening glove, maybe discarded as the bike was put away in the garage at the side of the house… 

Admit love… .

Ssh! I’m thinking!

Admit your need for love. Just let it in.

YES, Okay, don’t we all? I have been waiting, you know.

What kind of glove is it?

Now you’re being sensible Brain. So… it’s… meant for activity. Active, hardy, durable. Just in case it is for gardening. Gardening is a lot of hard work. 

You need a love that is active, that lasts and nurtures.

Obviously. Actually that’s pretty good. Good deduction. 

I’ve read via Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping about the Law of Attraction, that whatever you “secretly” want is the thing you can’t stop seeing, because you’re so focused on wanting it, consciously or not. So this is an interesting thing to bring into my conscious mind.

By getting as much of your brain to focus on it as possible, it makes it, (theoretically) easier to achieve.

Honestly, I’m tired of thinking, and doing. I just want to experience more, otherwise writing about it just won’t happen. Please comment if you can relate.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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