Pola in Ponderland

Hello Escritori,

I left the bookshop just after New Year and then immediately convened to be with my friend, drink tea and muse on life.

I had a pot of tea with the cream left over from my friend’s big slice of lemon meringue pie. I never normally have cream and felt a curious mixture of decadence and gluttony which was less pleasant. The cream was in a jug so I was elegant about it. There was something so therapeutic about pouring the tea that I wanted to attain a state of Zen through this timeless ritual.

Isn’t ‘meringue’ the funniest word to spell? Even if I’ve got it right the first time I feel like I have to check, in case I’ve mixed it up with the dance or the music…


The day began rainy, but it was the kind of rain with pearly clouds and sunshine that would be the perfect celestial recipe for a rainbow. It felt like spring already and I was so glad. I had my pale blue umbrella too, as a simulacrum of the sky.

I love the French word for rainbow: arc du ciel – arch of sky. Far more creatively architectural than the English. Why would God want to string bows up in Heaven? Surely God is very anti-warfare?

I read the year over, in my journal, and it packed such an emotional punch around stress and work, incomplete creative writing and whether should I advance into nuptials and then finally how nice the book shop was; that I couldn’t even be vivaciously Wildean about it: ‘I never travel without my diary. One must always have something sensational to read on the train.’

(That, guys, is just the sort of gauche retort I would pass off as my own.)


After hearing me wax philosophical, sentimental and a little wan about how I hadn’t been SERIOUSLY Manic this year but I had put a lot of emotional stress on myself, my friend said:

“I think I know what you ought to do if you don’t think you can write much. You need to read.”

Recently I have realised that I don’t have to be a book hoarder because although I don’t have that many books (people are always shocked by this) there were a few titles that no longer expressed me.

So these went to the charity shop and I breathed new life into my bookshelf. It was very renewing and it also means that I may also be far more ‘on point’ here about bookish things if I actually have new books to talk about.

As for life, it will only get ‘curiouser and curiouser’ but I can be vastly comforted by the fact that ‘we’re all mad here’ at The Escritorium.

Keep scribbling.

~ Pola ~


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