Book shaped Marvels

Hello Escritori,

Ever since a friend remarked that in my longer shorts (not posted here) I ‘write like Fitzgerald,’ I used my employee discount to buy what I believed to be the most beautiful edition of The Great Gatsby and find out whether this was a compliment or not.

This being true and having fallen utterly in love with the man (personal history, wife and BEING DEAD aside) I was excited to purchase the very covet-able hardback collection of his 45 published short stories called Flappers and Philosophers. Behold Escritori!


And go wild with jealousy as I read, savouring, in bed. What luxury. (I feel Daisy’d approve of my ring too.)

I tried to explain: “He’s just so… fresh, you know? And funny. It’s like being a hummingbird that can only eat from a few flowers and then finding an entire forest of really good ones. I get him, and it feels very intimate. He’s just a tonic for Life.” His characters really do spring off the page, as sassy, cynical and romantic as you’d expect.

*fangirling in the corner.* I even wrote a Fitzgeraldean short in December . A good one. In summary – given that this is to be posted in the first week of the new year – it has been a very patchy year of trying a fair few ideas but not really finishing them satisfactorily.


I cashed in a birthday gift card very late in 2015 (but a bit earlier than Flappers) to buy Angela Carter’s  Book of Fairytales, an unapologetically wily, wise and womanly collection of obscure fairytales and fables from all over the world. Unfortunately I didn’t find it as satisfying as the dark and lush collection of her rewritten European fairytales The Bloody Chamber and it was around at about the time that I told you I was writing an animal-spouse fairytale myself. Unfortunately, though that lived longer, it fizzled out too.


Lastly, during Autumn, I get a ‘second wind’ of creativity that gives me journal-lust so I just have to buy a new one ready for the new year. This one by Eccolo is lilac with gold foil dots, a nice quote, lined pages (lined pages only and forever) and a gold chapter ribbon. I’m still early on in the current one, but I look forward to the prospect of using this.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~




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