Having a Ball (when you’re not)

Hello Escritori,

Hopefully you all threw glitter confetti at each other, partied away and were happily welcoming in the New Year, kissing everyone you fancied with great style and aplomb.

For me, it was bloody horrible because two days prior I had gone to bed too late to be bothered to take my meds.

I wasn’t overworked, it just slipped my mind, so I entirely accept responsibility. I had a weep for a bit then fell asleep until the fireworks held sway. All day on New Year’s Day I felt numb with cold too, stood at the counter with the doors open so that customers would know that we were: and it was just a miserable first day of the New Year.

However, (extending the general theme of nihilism) I don’t know about you, but I personally hate clothes shopping. I studied Film for three years, so when I’m not translating every known experience into prose, I like to give myself an imaginary film costume job to shop for.

My shopping trips are akin to military operations: know what you want, get it and get out. So instead of boring you, here is: Pola does the Costume Department Shopping Trip for a 1920s style Cinderella film.

Apologies: I didn’t check any of the brand names because this was genuinely just fantasy shopping.


First was this beautiful ivory ombré dress with very fine bugle-bead work. It had the typically sleeveless, long, straight silhouette with a drop-waist and pleated skirt that just screams the Twenties. The skirt would still have a lot of movement and all embellishment would catch every speck of light.

Minimal jewellery, or very fine-chain, diamond or pearl jewellery required and a chance to do something really show-stopping with the actress’s hair. Either that, or a very geometric bob that would pack a sleek visual punch.


Then of course the shoes! Not slippers, nor were they the strappy T-bar or mary-jane style Twenties shoe either unfortunately. Instead I chose these taupe coloured wedge heel lace-ups with overlaid white lace on every conceivable outer surface of the shoe.

Cinderella needs to run after all, wedge heel for height, even weight distribution and comfort.

No glass here, only Cristal….

We got home in plenty of time, but look what was aptly there to see us off at the door!


I know this was a departure from writerly pursuits but playfulness is I think an essential quality that ‘grown-ups’ must indulge more. I myself love costume parties. (I’m not saying for one second of course, that I am a grown up.)

Of all the things I pretend to be, that is perhaps the hardest.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~






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