Poetry (25)

Hello Escritori,

DISCLAIMER dear Scribblers.

The love and ‘sitch’ in this poem is 100% fabricated, but as a woman, the fear in it is real. This one had no stanzas initially and I noticed how it had a naturally curvy shape. 😉 So I decided to work it, as I do in life!

I’m very much in the need of the LIGHT in this poem, the weather’s awful.



After the first time

That we did it pretty well

I was so damn happy.

I was like Frida Kahlo,

Shattered to pieces and

Covered in gold:

But re-formed again

Like tempered chocolate.

And my hair was mussed

Like Ophelia’s.

I wanted to give in,

And be gilded again,

Living lavished

With love

In a kiss

Like Klimt’s.

And when I made you eggs

That morning


Were a goddamn masterpiece.

I’ve always been a genius babe,

But you made me a goddess.

And I liked it.

I forgot how love

Feels like orgasm

But more righteously bright

Love swirled the yolks into suns

And I love the Van Gogh night

Of your cherishing eyes.

Then came the fear,

That loving you





(© Copyright Pola Negri  06/12/2015.)


7 thoughts on “Poetry (25)

    1. Thank you! It is delightfully weird looking isn’t it, Sarah? It looks like the silhouette of a spindle in a staircase at one point, then a down-pointing arrow and then almost a sphincter towards the end! (IMHO.)

      Liked by 1 person

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