Peace In

Hello Escritori,

I hope you all had a glittery and literary Christmas!

Even if it wasn’t anything to write home about, that’s PRECISELY the impetus you need to make something up.

(I won’t tell if you won’t.)


It gives me an immense amount of gleeful gustatory pleasure to announce that I am writing this post whilst eating cake.

I also intend to go to my regular coffee place with a good friend soon. Last time I was there, I had camomile tea with orange flavoured polenta cake. Alimentary alchemy happened when the two flavours swirled together.


These are the small things that contribute to my sense of peace. Over the festive season, working in Retail means that you are accommodating everyone else’s needs, and now at last I have a small window for indulgence.

A more profound sense of peace was acknowledged when the Secular Christmas Fam Jam that we had on Christmas Day turned into a belated milaad as we said a few prayers to commemorate Milaad ul Nabi the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which was on the day before Christmas Eve.

Thereby, according to our beliefs we were celebrating the births of two respected Prophets together. It made me feel happy to think of churches and mosques being seasonally full at the same time. Christmas Eve fell on a Friday too which is our usual sabbath day.


It was just a small thing that added to my being able to allow peace in.

That, in addition to excellent nosh, cake, two bottles of Schloer and mastering my cousin’s hover-board meant that we all had a fabulous time…

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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