Top Ten Bookseller Phrases

Hello Escritori,

I’m very happy to welcome some new followers to The Escritorium this close to Christmas. I am writing in advance of course, because I will be working my very last week (bound to be pandemonium) at the bookshop unless some form of seasonal miracle means I get longer term employment.

Interesting word, pandemonium: it’s a Latin portmanteau word invented by Milton.

Pan = many and demonium = demons. Thereby, a pandemonium is ‘a council of demons.’

We’re less like demons and more like elves at present. Although I can’t really vouch for the customers.

My flash fiction didn’t go down all that well huh? Hint taken – business as usual with poetic Sundays.


Working in the ambient-music-infused world of book selling you get to hear, or say a lot of repeat phrases. If I had more time I would happily turn them into a comedy skit… But for now, here they are:

  1. Would you like a bag? That’s five pence extra, is that alright?
  2. Do you have a loyalty card with us?
  3. Excuse me, sorry, thank you.
  4. Guys, have you seen the kick-stool?
  5. That’s a great book… But I’m not judging, I just scan bar-codes.
  6. Would you like to pop round the corner Madam?
  7. Would you like me to put that through the till for you?
  8. I can definitely do a search for that…
  9. Bear with me….
  10. I’m just going to put you on hold alright?

Lastly there are of course variations on the last theme which is usually:

“Thanks, have a great day.”

“Bub-bye, take care.”

“You enjoy those okay!”

By which you can obviously tell that I cultivate a jolly air of professional niceness and am generally an absolute delight. *twinkly eyed.*

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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