Flash Fiction (2)

Hello Escritori,

I didn’t get as much response as I hoped from my first ever flash fiction, last week! I’m busy though and life isn’t very interesting so here’s the next attempt actually inspired by a photo.

I have written a longer short called Hexenhaus (German for witch’s house) in case any of my friends are reading – confusing! But this seemed to incorporate an idea I’ve had for a long time about putting a new spin on the Tooth Fairy.




The Witch put her feet on the blood-red velvet carpet that covered the milk-teeth gravel walk, up to the gates of the Tooth Fairy’s palace.

The teeth shone like seed pearls, but the Witch was resolute. She blasted the gates open and they twisted like fanged teeth-roots, severed by a blinding light. She was amazed at the beautiful mosaics on the walls and floor. There were fountains and species upon species of mint and clove.

However beautiful, she would have to forge forward to the room where the dreams were kept. If ever a child woke, before it could see her, the Tooth Fairy sent a dream to flutter their eyelids, in the forms of butterflies. Using this shape seemed the easiest way to devise a taxonomy for them: by theme.

Each box had a compartment and a board, and pinned to the board was the dream itself, fragile and lovely like lace-edged cradle linen.

The Witch looked at the dream she’d picked out, and smiled. This dream would be more powerful than money. This, alone would be hers, and the kimono clad fairy with her bloody walks and her human pearls could keep the rest.

There never need again be any more pain: toothache or heartache.

Now all that remained was to build her exquisite edible house. And wait.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 10/12/2015.)


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