Let them eat cake

Hello Escritori,

To be honest with you I have no idea where this post is going guys, but I just had a picture of some coffee and walnut cake rolling around so I figured you could each get yo’ regular slice of reader goodness here.

It doesn’t help that I want to say “SLICE-UH” like this fine lady.



We are getting closer to Christmas at the book store (SHOP) and I am still loving it although I don’t get too much time to walk around the floor memorising (oh dear GOD I just spelt that with a Z!) all the product placement and ranges. This could be bad for my sales record.

Mainly I’m a very busy checkout girl keeping that till ringing, recommending and making interesting comments about the books. I’m trying to do my best on all counts until it becomes on Christmas Eve, according to my colleague: ‘like hell.’

But hey, it means the rest of the year will be a cinch right? If they keep me on. I’m making some good links for the New Year too, in case that doesn’t happen.

If that’s more ‘having your cake and eating it’ then it’s actually a nice feeling to be prepared for change rather than longing for, or reacting to it – as general dreamers and sufferers of chronic illnesses respectively do.

Change has been a very negative force in the quarter of my health. In fact, I generally look on change a lot more negatively now than I used to. Working on it.

Thus far my health has been good and stress levels have been low, so long may that continue. I do feel a bit like I’m finishing up the year with not much to look forward to though. Not to the extent however that it’s Depressing. I have no intention, for example, of engaging in the unsettling endeavour of falling in love with a klutzy demi-god á la Megara.

I am still so grateful for you all being here to read my ramblings and long as I have my health, you can come at me bro because those who aren’t a positive force in my life can eat cake.

And I must profess cake, is a necessity of life. Brits know this. It’s practically the law. Sing me out, Muses.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~



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