Poetry (22)

Hello Escritori,

Apologies for late posting this week, domestic duties etc. This week’s poem explores the complex issue of fandom, of adoring actors but not knowing them as people, or indeed the general desire to know the facets of any person, more than what they show to others. It’s also about how beauty is a subjective thing.




Incubating amoeba

Archetype of flux!





You rush

Around too much.


Meet me in the gloaming,

Or in the witching hour

Flanked by all

The shadows

Of selves

Bearing your desire.


Thus swathed

In the skin and sense

Of your othernesses;

Pledge to reveal.


And show me a truth.

That you feel.

Without a vehicle

Of form,


Or convention.


Show me your sole self

Without reinvention.


Afterwards, puzzle not

On how best to frame

The beauty of the one

That loved your truth;

But come to some

Kind of finite,



Make me a present

Of your warmth

And your youth.


And waste not cantons

Of verse. On skin let it unfurl,

For beauty is ever beautiful

Even though a

Feather is unlike

A pearl.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 21/11/2015.)




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