Little Red

Hello Escritori,

So… towards the end of my first week at work (I promise I’m going to talk about work less) I bought this super fetching red notebook – which I’m now in two minds about.


As aforesaid, I am an Aries and my laptop (also pictured) is red so I thought it had a pleasing colour-circularity about it. All in the name of writerliness.

There was something about the SUNSHINE YELLOW one that was an immediate visual pick-me-up… but it actually hurt my eyes to attempt writing on the yellow paper.

The colour-based quotes on every page (which are so amusing) when in yellow, are also hard to read.

The only problem with my red notebook is… the quotes, (about red) which are inspirational genius from lots of fun people – are very distracting.

How can you use a notebook as a notebook for your own ramblings when it is effectively talking back to you with a little red-fonted, red-lipsticked, sass-mouth?

It’s very distracting.

It’s lovely, but also like having a word-based permanent slice of Red Velvet Cake in your pocket… and then being not being entirely sure whether you should eat it or not, because its nice blank pages (bar the quotes) look so nice.

I don’t want to compete at writing a book… with a pre-existing book.

I mean, should I use each quote as writing inspo? Or should I just giggle at the quotes like the witticisms of an invisible friend and write whatever I want?

I think I’m having some writerly anxiety, please help me out Escritori. I know this feels too indulgent to be a ‘proper’ post… in which case if Little Red and I can’t get on, she may have to be gifted to someone else.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


3 thoughts on “Little Red

    1. Hi hun, missed you! Hmm, I think I’m intimidated by it. Thanks for the vote. Just looking at it is like revving a Jag. I think I’ve got that writers thing of buying notebooks in the hope I’ll have something to write. 🙂


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