Poetry (20)

Hello Escritori,

Comment if you can relate! Apologies for late posting, stupid partying neighbours meant I had to make up for lost sleep. ~ P ~


Old soul, Young face

Every time in life

When Love appears

It’s the boy inside the man

That I question…

For it’s the boy who fears,

Feels it first

And feels it deepest.



Are you man enough

To be the man who

Honours a dream

And this love

Until death?


Because if not,

I am not meant

To be a transient


Like a cloud

Of candy-floss

Or a lollipop.



I will be

The red balloon

You let go of

And forever mourn.


You’ll think it was you

Who let me slip away:

You will curse yourself


But darling,

I escaped alone

And searched



In the dawn.


Perhaps because

You were not strong

Enough to compel me

To walk with respect

Head held high

At your side.


Think carefully

Should you keep me,

For my soul is old,

Rich as Croesus,

Mighty as the Caucasus

My love deep

as the Caspian Sea.

My aura too,

Is sensuous

And you are young.


But not young enough

For me to ask,

In expectation

of reason:

Are you man enough

To love me,



Thus armed with graces

(And those too without alloy)

Are you

Man enough

For passion

At last?

(© Copyright Pola Negri 06/11/2015.)


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