The Art of the Post-Work Chill

Hello Escritori,

I apologise for the comparative ‘lateness’ of last Tuesday’s post, all this working and blogging lark is a bit of a feat… luckily I’m not that popular so I doubt anyone’s noticed… (grins.)

I’m typing in my bedroom wearing my slippers and scoffing a lovely bowl of what is fast becoming my favourite Autumn/Winter dessert: stewed Brambly Apples with honey and dried fruit. (Basically mince pie filling in bowl sized portions, made virtuous with naturally sweet stuff.)

The theme of this post is the importance of relaxing – especially as a bipolar sufferer  – and basically a reminder to myself how to wind down in the best way to keep going successfully.


As you’d expect, now that I am in work my general stress levels have accordingly gone up. The key to working in a professional environment with bipolar is helping yourself to be up to the task.

Here are some of the things I do through the working day to help me stay on form:

  1. Take Omega 3 supplements at breakfast, with option to have more at lunch.
  2. Make lunch the night before, include whole-wheat carbs and  high glucose fruits: dates, bananas in your lunch to stabilise blood-sugar.
  3. Choose your clothes the night before – time-saving and therapeutic.
  4. At work, take your time. Be methodical and this will ensure you do things correctly and always know the chain of each process. This will inhibit feelings of urgency, stress or the need to rush.
  5. Eat lunch outside – change of scene + oxygen = happy brain.
  6. Drink plenty of water/caffeine free tea through the day.
  7. Remove all make-up as soon as you get home/ get comfortable.
  8. Switch off all devices 30 mins before you intend to go to sleep to stop your brain from being overly stimulated before entering your sleep cycle.

If you have any further suggestions please let me know.

All the above suggestions come from myself as someone whose brain is more prone to being chemically overwhelmed or numbed by stress, so I thought that this might be pertinent as we all try to hit our Christmas targets!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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