Poetry (19)

Hello Escritori,

I was watching a film interview and it inspired me to write this poem.

I am rubbish at joining together abstract images to good effect – my poetry is very “talk-y”. I massively admire C of Optional Poetry for this talent of abstractions that somehow manage to hit at emotional truths.

Please scroll down and tell me what you think!



I heard tell of a star

That was simply

A scattered,


Cloud of diamond


In space.

Humming out



To the human ear.


Thus, it seems

‘Dust is eloquent’*

And if we have not loved

We have not

Yet, felt the awe

Of the Theory of



The chemical process of

Elemental love

Is bonding that

Scattered stardust again.

To say:

You were, you are, me,

And I am you

Don’t you feel it happening too?

We ached so, so alone,

We were remoulded

And now we’re home.


But oh!

How powerful too,

The action

Of repulsion.


If you know love,

You know its end.

You know, Earth bound,

What it is

To exist with only the aid

Of a dying star

And know that your

Lost love

Is just the same.


You live now in it’s shadow

And but you breathed in its name.


Your love

And pain, is

Far more intense;

Because of the mortal

Span of

Your life’s governance.


Shakespeare wrote oft

Of ‘the music of the spheres.’***

Thus a star can both sing

And be pile of ash.

Just as a comet is made

Of ice, rock and gas.


And appears,

(At least from here)

To have the semblance of

A tear.

(© Copyright Pola Negri 03/11/2015.)


Key: * Quote from BBC Sherlock script, ** Einstein’s proven theory of entwined particles: when separated, one will react to whatever is done to the other, even at opposite ends of the universe.*** Quote from Pericles I think?

In various plays the Bard references musica universalis, the sounds each planet makes in orbit. It was believed that each planet’s atmosphere, and the force which held them in place, was like a dome of invisible glass, and as each of these moved in orbit, they struck notes against each other in a form of mathematically beautiful, celestial music.


2 thoughts on “Poetry (19)

  1. Thank you, Pola! And there is so much good stuff going on in this poem I don’t know where to start– the repetitive open vowels sounds throughout, the nods to science, Shakespeare references– and you bring them all together so nicely

    Liked by 1 person

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