Brief Bipolar Update

Hello Escritori,

Let’s get cosy. Grab a drink.

I’d like to think that although I have the pleasure of seeing new readers ‘like’ and ‘follow’ The Escritorium, that you all have a stake in getting a little bit of inspiration, motivation, eye candy and amusement from here.


Thank you for your kind attentions and for representing your corner of the world to me and in the case of bipolar, showing me and others that we are not alone.

Now we come to the crux of this post. I am very lucky in that my bipolar disorder is manageable up even so far as I can just take my meds and get on with my life. I can leave the trauma and otherness of episodes in a past which colours my life but does not, as much as I can help it, ruin, or severely impact my life: at least not until I want to think about starting a family.

I can put this chronic illness to the back of my mind and harvest the particular compassion that comes from this most particular kind of suffering, to make me a kinder human being. There’s a female American poet I can never remember the name of, who said once: ‘The sweetest fruit is always bruised.’ 

Currently I am doing my best, although it is very tiring, to play the game of referral to services that can be my safety net during blips and generally keep that trauma in its proper place, so that there is no doubt of what is real and what is not.

I’ve done a lot of talking to, and AT doctors in the name of being my own advocate and at times it has been very frustrating. I hope I am getting there, but because I am thankfully in good health a lot of the time, it seems likely that Tuesday will not always be a Bipolar themed post.

I hope I won’t get hated on if sometimes there isn’t a Tuesday post at all.

I’d like for that to be okay, because then you’ll know if there’s nothing to report, that in that quarter of my life, I’m okay too. Ultimately, that can only ever be a good thing.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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