Being the New Girl

Hello Escritori,

So I’ve been doing some training to ease me into my new job role.

Yesterday, I went off to training, armed with my obligatory Writer’s Notebook (an article which every aspiring writer has in fetishistic amounts and sizes I’m sure.) It is usually something which is very small and ruinously expensive but ENTIRELY justified as both a tool and an investment – being generally a lot nicer than the back of an envelope, a paper bag or a post-it note that has lost its tackiness.

Can I get an A-MEN?

Having one just makes you all feel proper and serious, alright? 

I put mine to use recording lots of processes, so that I didn’t have to keep asking people. This is usually just until a reasonable amount of repetitions make it second nature.


The store I will eventually be posted to is dark, a comfortable size, has two levels and is a little oasis of dark-wood and leather armchair calm on the high-street. It has all the feel of an independent but it’s part of a British chain. It definitely has a unique character.

Sadly, there’s very little foot-fall and because the fascia of the shop is small and dark it can often get overlooked by the roving eye of the shopper. Secondly a bargain-basement book retailer has opened up right next door. It has brightly coloured sign-age and the biggest glass front windows you could possibly fit in the space.

It’s shiny, and packed full of alluring stock right up against the windows.

That’s what I call a commercial intention du guerre. Bring it on.

Hopefully there are a few things distinguishing us:

  1. The trustworthiness of the brand.
  2. The fact that the store itself has been there forever – and sold books forever.
  3. The sterling expertise and customer service of the staff.
  4. The slightly Hogwarts’/ Alice’s tea party feel of the place and the mystery.
  5. The fact that the bright colours of the covers DO pop out of the dark in the windows.

In any case, I’ve always had the aim of being as accommodating an ambassador as I can be to wherever I am working for, and in this instance it will be far easier because I am genuinely passionate about books.

The guys are all very helpful and patient and I just have to remember to actually TOUCH the touch-screen tills rather than using a mouse. My brain tends to do this because it looks essentially like a computer.

I will probably be doing more reading than scribbling in the next few months, but I’ll still be doing my best to document what are sure to be some Interesting Adventures in Bookland.

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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