Cover Girl

Hello Escritori,

It’s been a great weekend for my poetry and I have a feeling I won some hearts with ‘Textual Discourse’ last week!

I enjoyed it. I was so glad I had that post ready, because I was called quite suddenly to interview at a high-street book shop. It’s a cross between an intellectual sweet shop and my natural habitat really…

As with my previous experience running a web department in a book shop, there are two main urges you must train yourself to resist:

  1. Reading. (Particularly off of the display tables) at any available moment.
  2. Buying everything you’ve been reading at any available moment.

I’m just saying, my will-power is medal-worthy when it comes to situations like this.

Memo to selfYour bookshelf is not still part of a growing tree, able to accommodate every new purchase.

When some witty scientist like Jasper Fforde’s character Mycroft Next genetically engineers one of those, all those loyal to printed books will whoop with joy.

This will occur unanimously in some kind of harmonised urban tribal descant: from inside bedrooms, Ikea armchairs and those abominably weird blankets with sleeves that I can never remember the name of; that look like mutilated romper suits.


We’ll be very happy thank you very much.

I got short-listed due to my ‘obvious passion’ for the role about a month ago and then things went quiet. Then on Tuesday came the request for interview on Thursday and to await further instruction. It all felt a bit hush-hush and vaguely John Le Carré.

It rolled round eventually and the task set was to choose a children’s book to give as a Christmas gift, a new book to champion over the festive season and a good thriller for hand-selling. Then do your best to sell them to the interviewer. I chose The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, The Martian by Andy Weir (who ought to lecture/do stand-up) and The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld.

I have to work on being briefer and also not give spoilers away!

Then I was put on the tills to see if I’d float. I’ve never been till trained, my first ever job was in an Insurance Company so I was a bit flustered, but I think I did okay. The customers were very lovely. I feel it went well – but I also am my own worst critic.

It would an amazing way to see out the year, by helping other people fall in love with, and gift, the perfect book for Christmas.

NEWSFLASH! I got the job! 

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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