The Nicer Kind of Baggage

Hello Escritori,

As we’ve been given a heads-up that Asian Wedding Season 2016 is due to start in April (after my sure-to-be doomed 27th birthday, let’s grit our teeth and move on...) I’ve been combing the sales for a suitable evening bag.

I have already a very ‘Audrey’ black satin clicky cushion purse, with a small Sabrina-esque bow on it. It has a long silver chain strap. I also have a square lilac Dupion satin handbag with a fabric strap, decorative purple zig-zag stitching and incorporated beads.

I do end up using the Sabrina one as an old faithful on the basis that black goes with everything, and any cooler colours with which black would look too harsh get paired with the lilac one. Occasionally though the lilac can clash. So I corralled together (with somewhat crude immediacy) a pick of the sales stock. On the floor. Oh the glamour!


I ended up purchasing the multi-beaded one which most friends didn’t realise was beaded instead of merely ‘glittery’. If you actually look at the pattern it looks quite Art Deco and I love the Twenties. I strongly dislike bags with chain handles, but I am so forgetful that I could never be safe with a clutch.

If it’s on my shoulder, it can’t get lost anywhere.

After I got home I actually tried it on my very petite frame and found that it hit my hip.

Since I had a lot of interview nerves (more about the interview on Thursday) I decided to put those to use and shorten the chain strap. I loosened the chain with my jeweller’s pliers, equating either side into a new length. Then I joined the two lengths together with an oversized jump ring.

So now I can fling it onto my shoulder and wedge it under my arm while running from the paps/videographer. (Hahaha.)


It’s got that pleasing mix of neutral colours with spring green and will hopefully add interest to monochrome outfits.

What do think?

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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