Textual Discourse

Hello Escritori,

Due to the fact that I have a very busy day planned tomorrow with a lot of travelling I’m releasing Thursday’s Life Post a little early. Enjoy!

The weather is quite determinedly declining, like a grand old lady in grey mink-cloud furs and raindrop diamonds.

This would traditionally be when I would revel in all the Autumnal activities, but when Autumn seems to be fast-tracking itself into Winter I find myself bored and missing my friends.

Luckily the magic of technology means that we’re never really out of touch, but I find that as I’m getting older, a strange change is happening. I want to call people. On the phone. Sometimes… on the LAND-LINE. I’m beginning to shift into enjoying call-software too. It just feels more human and satisfying. Although it doesn’t feel as intimate as letters somehow.


It is second nature for writers to text. I am one of those wordy, pedantic texters. If u snd me a txt lyk dis we will never again be socially connected. I’m sorry – but mainly I’m just disgusted. Also I don’t know why you would want to revert to hieroglyphic divination when human beings have gone to the trouble of creating alphabets and languages.

I’m talking about emojis, People. I don’t understand them. At all. And I’m like…

I have no ’emoji game’. I can only go so far and then I will be perfectly happy to be a snobby (reluctantly all mod-cons inclusive) troglodyte. Writers generally know exactly what they want to say, and how to spell it correctly. For this reason initially I DETESTED predictive text functions on phones and disabled them immediately, but now that I have to adapt to hypersensitive smart-phones, the predictive text function assists my inner perfectionist when I get heavy handed.

To my mind, smart phones are over-sensitive. I also genuinely detest the word ‘smart.’ To me, like ‘nice’ it has become a non-word. The basic reason I hate the word ‘smart’ is that in England initially it denoted something neatly arranged, attractive and ‘just so’. A Trans-Atlantic shift has caused it to now be more commonly used to denote adaptability, intelligence and intellectual qualities.

However, since the word has no root in ‘intel’ it is a reduced to a flat observation. I will bet my last quid that a man in England will quite happily call a woman ‘funny, beautiful and smart’ because it doesn’t directly appraise her intellect. It is the ‘safer’ non ego hurting way of saying that she knows a lot. Whereas men are still more likely to be described as ‘funny, handsome and intelligent’. This distinction makes it a hefty quality in a person’s character rather than an acquired accomplishment for a woman.

I understand what people mean, but whenever I get called ‘smart’ I have to stop myself from smiling through gritted teeth. It’s not a DIRECT word, it means next to nothing. This, for a person who is undeniably a sapiosexual – who values this quality in general – is immensely bland and disappointing. You might talk that talk, but it matters way more to me that you know what I’m saying, on – or off – the page.

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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