It’s not Splitsville – I hope.

Hello Escritori,

Last Friday I got my replacement glasses! – so I can now leave the house feeling like me – (that’s only half a joke.) Although by the same token I am bored with my current frames and now can’t wait to take things in another direction in the New Year as I said last week.

Also I went for my second interview/role overview on Friday. It went well, it was very informative and gave me a lot to think about.

I’m also now thinking about how to blog like most other people – fitting it around their lives and jobs.


I haven’t been blogging long, but having a schedule and a maximum word count per post is both helpful and exciting – an ex journo needs deadline buzz! The two biggest issues for me have mainly been having the creative time to think of a poem in time for Sunday and then, getting good quality visuals. The general writing side is a joy.

I’ve been through and customised a a few templates while I’ve been here, Chateau, Adelle, Libre… none have felt like the me I wanted to convey, until I found Cubic. However, in order to really take advantage of how polished and easy Cubic is, you must have good visuals. It is a very visual theme. I think it would be easier, but less personal if I didn’t take every single one of my own visuals. However as an artist, I know that copyright can be a minefield.

It probably wouldn’t be me, and remember, I don’t actually auto-Instagram like a teenager. I’m too busy eating amazing-looking things after oohing over them to do this:


Do you know how hard food – especially melting food – is to photograph? And resist? Anyway, what I’m saying is: lovely frequenters of The Escritorium – I will do everything in my power to keep going, for both myself and for you. Because you are lovely. Please comment more, don’t be strangers.

(And yes, it’s not splitsville because it’s a crêpe.) 

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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