Pinning down (paper) butterflies

Hello Escritori,

I’m blipping again so while I rush in to save myself with the relevant sources of help on top of my bipolar intervention strategies… I’m going to leave you with a craft-based post, and ask for your patience. This might even get posted a bit later than usual.

I like to make greetings cards in bulk, as I like being lazy essentially and not having to go out and BUY them. Most of the components came from my local pound shop/dollar store:

  • Pack of five plain bronze/gold card greeting cards with envelopes.
  • Pack of pre-cut, textured-card butterflies in different colours.
  • Glue.

Previous to this ‘make’ I had a bit of a decoupage brainwave and thought of layering different colours and sizes of butterfly together for visual interest and also to make them more sturdy overall. This being done, I stored them away until I could get cards to stick them on.

I did have a glue-pen but when the sponge cap tore, I used a clean, synthetic fibre flat eye-liner brush to apply the (non-toxic) clear glue.

20150926_121623  20150926_130431

You can see here the two layers of the different sized butterflies in pale and hot pink.

20150926_130854-1  20150926_131952-1

Here is the second butterfly on the card and in the attending envelope.

This is a very easy make, great for weekends with kids, especially as part of making birthday/party invitations or as a party activity itself.

You can also add ribbon, stickers, sequins or glitter if you prefer, the best part is that you can produce far more cards with a more personal touch, for around the cost of ONE passably nice shop-bought card.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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