Poetry (14)

Dear Escritori,

Today’s poem is inspired by my friend’s collage scrap book a few posts back – “Catching the Doodle-Bug” this poem came to me quite quickly as soon as I saw the lovely image:



Generally I remember

That morning

Because the ground

Was covered in snow.


They wheeled

The girl in,

In the morning

Who is she?

No-one seems to know.


She seems quiet

Still and pale.

There’s a flush

In her cheek,

And sleep

Is her veil:

She doesn’t speak.


I watch her

Through the window

As I passing go.

There was no bag,

No wallet

No way for us

To know

Who she is exactly.


We’re working on


Her plight.

We work with

IVs, and blood

Through the night.


She is so still and

Rosy cheeked that

The kids call her

Snow White.


We do what we can

But we don’t know it all.

We don’t know her name

So we call her:




(© Copyright Pola Negri 26/09/2015.)


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