Take Note – Make (nicer) Notepaper.

Hello Escritori,

Happy National Poetry Day! If you want a regular dose of the stuff, do check back here every Sunday.

Tangentially, if you ever write you need something to write on. This leads me to observe that English Autumn involves a lot of rainy days, whether partly or entirely, and weekends in particular remind me of ‘Wet Play.’

This is an English phenomenon of having to spend your school-day recess (or play time as we call it) indoors due to torrential rain. Board-games, clapping and card games, colouring and extra-curricular general art-making tended to abound.

This was always wonderful, and I get that lovely feeling of being cosy from the rain but still pleasantly engaged, as soon as I whiff craft glue, (peel it off my fingers) and have a miscellaneous collection of pretty things around me.

I am also a personal champion of doing crafty stuff AS CHEAPLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.


You don’t need a Hobbycraft loyalty card. Honestly.

Do what I do. Plunder your recycling. Tons of card, packaging, magazines… it’s all useful. This in conjunction with places like pound-shops/dollar stores and bargain basements mean that you can have/collect a range of materials over time.

As children we had one kitchen cupboard loaded with stow-away plastic baskets full of scraps and paints. It affordably enabled a habit: seeing the magical potential in ordinary things.

I recently made a bar of chocolate go a bit further out of boredom over my postal offerings (I love letter-writing) by appropriating the sturdy gold foil to make designs for my very plain, no frills, very low GSM writing paper.

All I needed was the notepaper pad (around £1) the chocolate foil (any clean foil confectionery wrapper will do) something to draw with, scissors and a glue stick.



If my ceramic flat-iron could talk, it would tell you that very seldom is it used on my hair. It is usually used to hot-press gluey pieces of card and paper to other pieces of card and paper. Carefully, on very low heat I made sure the foil was clean and then ironed it as flat as possible to stretch it out and make it easier to cut.

I then drew my design onto the paper or cut out collage pieces as part of my design and then incorporated pieces of foil.

The same principle can be used for home-made cards or bookmarks, but in any case I hope it makes my letters look nicer!

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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