A Swallow Tale

Hello Escritori,

Yesterday’s picture book lecture, (where I was hoping to get some key tips to get my picture books out there) was very short to my mind and was over very quickly.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much in terms of new information that I actually learnt from it. Aside from making a new friend, it was mainly just a nerve-wracking social exercise, but the writer herself was benign and very sweet.

I haven’t done any networking for ages and so it felt very difficult to break the ice.

At one point I thought I was going to have a panic attack because I just did not know what to do.

It seemed ridiculous to me to be the woman wearing a striking red lip with full film noir aplomb, in my favourite Bacall-esque dress and yet feel cripplingly shy. I am NOT shy, I am an extrovert. I was just very out of practice.

Anyway thankfully someone took pity on me – exactly the kind of person I usually am to shy people – and so I felt better. And she was a polyglot like me, which was novel.

In other news, I made these earrings a while ago and stored them away in some Kinder Egg toy packaging… (Recycling, People!) So you can imagine it was quite intriguing, as in days of yore, to reopen the little capsule and see what was inside.

20150917_173422-1             20150917_173822

Any arty Escritori will know I usually use recycled components, so here follows their history.

I had originally bought a beautiful rope necklace ages ago, which I FULLY intended to wear because it was beautiful. However, as a hijabi swathed in chic and voluminous scarves, it’s quite hard in my opinion to incorporate necklaces into all that business.

I failed at it frankly.

You put the necklace on, then you put your scarf on and you have to wrap it around your head repeatedly, in approximately identical pleats so that you shorten the front coverage, simultaneously using more pins than a Tudor gentleman.

The overall aim is to shorten the chest drape of the scarf so that you can see the arc of the necklace underneath.

Some ladies maintain the U-shape of a necklace by using tiny safety-pins. You can pin the necklace through the chain loop to your dress or sweater, quite high up, thus neatly hiding your amazingly well-behaved (non-swingy) necklace life-hack with your scarf.

It’s a fiddly but largely symbiotic sartorial relationship.

Disappointed by my lack of this and other knowledge, I lovingly unclasped every loop with my jewellery pliers and made the necklace into earrings instead.

I think I may’ve managed to make back the original price of the necklace at least, so all’s well that ends well.

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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