Catching the Doodle Bug

Hello Escritori,

I’m a writer. I write, and many of my friends are joyously part of the movement preserving the art of letter writing.

Not only do you get to send and receive lovely things, (and anticipate this mutual compliment) but I design my own front-paper for my letters to indulge my artistic side as notepaper can be expensive. However generally you feel more cherished: knowing someone sat down to make marks on paper for you.

At the very least, especially for children or those of us in middle-management who lament the loss of our legible cursive, it is an immensely personal and yet sociable way to improve your handwriting.

Given that Autumn tends to crank up my love of all things quirky and whimsical, I was very happy to receive a beautiful letter from my friend across the Pond in the form of a little collage scrap-book.

She has tried very fairly to put all image credits down where possible but we’re only human and very appreciative of beauty. Please forgive us.

She’s kindly agreed to allow me to showcase it here. Not all of it mind. Mine!

20150919_161803 20150919_161900     20150919_161830 20150919_161942

It’s been so beautifully done Escritori that you might see some images repeated for poetry posts. 🙂

She sent me a few loose collage pieces including a black card moustache silhouette which inspired me to create this little Russian-doll-esque character with candy-cane stockings. The sweeping ‘tache shape was to me immediately suggestive of little-girl hair á la Milly Molly Mandy. Indila’s swirly ink avatar may have also had something to do with her appearance too.

20150919_131649        20150919_131559

She’s just one of the very cute and HUMBLE presents for my friend who far surpasses me in most things.

I’ve written about four rhyming picture books accompanied by the odd ‘springboard’ doodle for an illustrator. I’ve tried to float them to publishers despite being told (even while I was studying) that rhyming picture books don’t sell well due to translation costs in non-English speaking markets.

It seems Fairy Godmothers are easier to source than agents… I think I must have about four actually. Books. Not fairies. (If only.)

I’ve booked to go to a Q&A with a published author of rhyming picture books early next month…. I shall be there assiduously making notes. (Writer!)

Seems like a good omen though! When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter?

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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