Stone White and Very Charming

Hello Escritori,

Well… what can I tell you lovely lot about my life?

I’m on the tail end of getting over a cold (hence the mint tea) and before that there was a Depressive phase. But… I’m applying to jobs that I’m very excited about at the moment. I’ve only been a couple of months without a job but in all honesty I am a workaholic.


Today is Eid al Adha so we’ll all be going to the mosque to pray, hear a khutbah (sermon) and take on the inspirational dedication of Prophet Abraham (a.s.) to God. Hoping to also give to charity soon.

Then I will probably unwillingly be dragged out shopping by Mary 1 and Mary 2 on the promise of a nice restaurant lunch to pay for the boredom suffered. I don’t actually like shopping, despite the evidence below, but may wear this new purchase for Eid.

It is customary to wear new clothes on religious occasions.

Now I promise you I am not a ‘fashionista’ or a ‘hijabista’ or whatever kind of bizarre portmanteau word the fashion industry sees fit to bestow – on specialists or people – *ahem* Brangelina. However I recently bought this stone-coloured quilted pleather biker jacket and I’d like to devote a post to express my love for it. And I’m going to.


What I love about it is the lack of acrylic stretch cuffs, or cross body zips. I like the silver hardware, the option of push-press buttons and the fact that it has no lapels.

If you are somewhat abundant of frontage,  lapels are just unnecessary fuss.

I am petite and it is well proportioned for me, which is also important. For pleather, it’s also surprisingly warm which is good in the transition between seasons.

I’m usually a blazer person, but I’m getting fed up of my friends telling me that I remind them of a 1930s journalist á la Hildy Johnson.

So… I’m heading for the white side.

I will probably mix this with a solid colour tee, a black maxi skirt and maroon accents with a cream wool beanie and black leather gloves. More 1920s  Grand Prix girl racer. And critics be damned!

If you’re going to be theatrical, go all out. After all, isn’t this the season?

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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