Joyeria: It bringeth joy

Hello Escritori,

Today’s post will generally be an ode to how much I love the pretty stuff.

I like making jewellery as a general hobby and also now as part of my phases of ‘doing something creative for me’ Occupational Therapy. This is O.T. that does not involve writing at my smexy red laptop – for pleasure not work – and generally listening to the advice of Neil Gaiman:

‘Put one word in front of another and keep doing it until you get to the end’.

I make jewellery mainly out of recycled or broken or ‘so hideous it needs breaking to have a Cinderella moment’ jewellery. I haven’t studied the genuine craftiness of the craft, but I’m here to say I like making things and encouraging other people to do so.

Et voila, some of my various collected weekend projects, birthday presents and rainy-day pretty things.

Top left is a three stranded seed-bead elasticated bracelet. It has silvered glass rondelles and faux pearls in two sizes, with silver-coloured spacer beads. It’s entirely made from broken jewellery. I love the Twenties so this was kind of a little, non-diamond Daisy Buchanan homage.

The next bracelet is one I made after my second episode, a kind of oriental inspired bracelet with big turquoise enamel beads against the evil eye and lots of glass and crystal to attract light. Mainly, the colours were inspired by the central Chinese porcelain hand-painted bead in the centre. The only recycled components in this piece were the leaves, the turquoise beads and the single pink faux pearl.

In the middle row on the right is a Persephone inspired earring and bracelet set I made for one of Bex’s birthdays, I used a beautiful set of beads in deep red glass to represent pomegranate seeds. I juxtaposed this with bright blue glass beads to represent Greek seawater as a contrast. I also used turquoise crystal bicones in the earrings and French ear-wires.

Lately I’ve been making earrings incorporating very delicate findings, which are decorative pre-made metal-work links and also embellishments. These pretty silver filigree ones in the bottom row add length and interest to different pieces.

I find something very calming about sequencing the patterns for projects like this. I hope you all enjoyed my little crafting bee!

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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