Poetry (9)

Hello Escritori,

I went back to the place where the ‘Fess Up Time’ moment happened, and found it completely changed because of the day, the time of day and the clientèle. I knew I had to do it. Routes to places are like neural pathways and memories always overlay geography… It meant I reclaimed it, so it wouldn’t be forever ‘the place where that happened.’ 

To that end, here is a poem dedicated to a state long past, the strange yearning in the beginning of love.



In Absentia

Breath is an antidote to empty air

Your jacket is an antidote

To the chill of your chair

Music is an antidote

To words that don’t declare

Your mess

Is an antidote

To your


Being there.


Why do I love you

Most in your absences?

More achingly in the memory

Than the action

Of your kisses?

A short hair on my jumper

Incriminatingly different

In colour to mine

Along with the

Smell of your clothes?

I can’t divine.



I steal your jacket to wear

Whenever you’ve just

Popped out to somewhere.

I imagine that your arms

Surround me.

The smallest

Of things

About you

Confound me.

Into a state

Of fascination


Where the magical

Is almost known

And yet

I am not

Sated by skating

On the edge of it.


My wilderness, my home.


You are the antidote

The major chords

The joy in the song


You are the antidote

That quells

The desire

To belong.


(© Copyright Pola Negri 18/08/2015.)


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