Blowing away Brain Fog

Hello Escritori,

Now that Autumn appears to be ushering itself in, in a cluster of decadent jewel tones, snazzy tailoring and burnished metallics: I thought I’d go totally anti-that and pick some windfall apples from the garden in a rustic riposte.



In a bid to get over the brain fog I’ve been feeling since I admitted the need for help and TLC, I launched Operation Hydration – which involves not just drinking a glass of water before eating anything (particularly breakfast) – but generally helping myself feel better.

Usually to clear brain-fog and fake the benefits of at least ten minutes of extra restful sleep, I like to do a very unglamorous D.I.Y steam-facial, using the oh-so-sexy components of a towel and a bowl full of boiling water. But chaps, today is about the big guns, so afterwards I did some exfoliating and moisturising. I do prefer to do this at night though, so that my skin-cell turnover can sort itself out while I sleep and am not exposed to harmful sunlight or pollution.

Then I treated my scalp to an olive oil massage. Although I get my hair cut regularly, I do tend to neglect my scalp which is ill-advised as we head into the much colder months when things like wind, wet, wudu, central heating and blow-drying abound.

Lastly, I used a simple lip scrub made with 2 tsps gritty brown sugar (demerara) and a few drops of the really good olive oil to make a thick gritty paste. Apply with gentle circular buffing motions and wash off gently. You should still feel the olive oil sealing the new skin but do add lip balm if you like. If you ever order takeaways with dips, keep the containers for concoctions like this, and you can store it in the fridge for as long as you need to. Just try not to eat it.

Whilst it is nice, and sometimes necessary to be pampered, the most important thing is mindfulness and patience. If you have bipolar you’ll know that intervention in both phases comes alongside riding it out with a developed self-awareness: and learning what works for you.

Why not look fabulous whilst looking out for yourself (and eating apples) though?

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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