A Postal Vote of Confidence

Hello Escritori,

During this Asian Wedding Season/Let’s All Make Pola into a Hottie Project (because she sometimes gets a bit insecure about her body and her sapiosexual, sassy brain doesn’t seem to be enough apparently…) scheme: I have been working out every day.

I’ve been doing a mixture of legs, arm and core workout sets per day, and eating a lot of summery food, minus bread or desserts. I miss desserts more than bread. As long as I don’t get bored of what I’m eating then it’s just another outlet for creativity. On the exercise side I actually LIKE knowing I can push myself physically.

But I’d be lying if I said that I loved running more than brownies. 

In the words of Casanova: ‘Sex is like eating and eating is like sex.’ (Although running is more virtuous but still leaves you hurting good.)

As a break from putting many different foods into lettuce cups, my dear friend Bexticle made me a beautiful, encouraging, decoupage card to express my supreme awesomeness. (I cringed typing that but that is probably what she meant to express.)


I have known Bexticle for years. She is my honorary sister because we had pre-teen and teen summers together: many a serious chat while playing badminton, impromptu art sessions, gorgeous lunches, copious phone-calls, cry-togethers, phone-battery deaths (and real bereavements) and many emails and letters. She is also further qualified to tell me the truth and have me believe her – by not only being my long time friend but a deeply caring advocate and O.T. nurse. Right now as I type we are talking about Ripper Street S3. It’s our thing we do. We have ‘us’ words as well.

A lot of people like me for my confidence, which is fine in my comfort zone areas of life. I just don’t believe they like or know ME… In a kind of stare right down into the colours of your soul through the dark glass of your eyes way of being known. I feel like Bex knows me this way. She is my boomerang friend. No matter how far life throws her, she always comes back – that’s if she ever really left.

Thanks for this little postal vote of confidence hun. It’s appreciated.

Keep scribbling,

~ Pola ~


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