Poetry (5)

Hello Escritori,

Today I’m going to feature a poem inspired by M. Funk’s 2015 Food Photography Series. Especially the opening photograph of the wineglass, it made a striking contrast to the Gothic schlosskirche photo next to it in various portfolio pages, so I ‘married’ the two in this poem.

Any visuals I’ve added here are just for the sake of an attractive tile. The original photos are beautiful, go and check them out!

La Vie en Rosé

I sit at Hades’ table

And marvel at the wine,

And see the pretty colour

Play in the glass.

Almost empty


Like the blush of

Sorbet sky

In summer.

With a taste

Like passing rain

From the same

Season. Kissed with light.


I wonder if he has bled

The juice of the pomegranate,

How else can one account

For wine so pink?

Or is it more sinister


An alchemy of

Blood and light

For the God of the Dead

To drink?


How does it sparkle so

In so dark a place?

The pomegranate looks safer.

You offer the wine

Which I decline

Feeling more, hunger.

Although it looks like

Liquefied pink diamonds.


In Cyprus, my garden home,

I long to be…

But here I am in the kingdom

Of the cypress tree…

And the wine is very beautiful

Though I stand on ceremony.



Hades proffers pomegranates smilingly;


“Eat, my dearest,

My darling one,

Kore Persephone.”

(© Copyright Pola Negri 2015.)


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