Poetry (4)

Hello Escritori,

Here is a poem for you, inspired by my late Eid present – a HUGE brand new watch. It was inspired by a Jewish saying actually, and I went a bit Tennyson in this one, as well as a nod to Pope. Enjoy and keep scribbling!


Watch-springs Eternal

They impressed 

A hollow tear of flesh

To form a philtrum:

A mark of silent covenant

Before my soul

Went out of Heaven

And fled. 

Into the darkness

Of my breast.

We shall miss you especially,

We shall miss your face

The radiance of your eyes

The iridescence in your wake.

We will give you

A piece of night sky,

Beautiful Sybil,

With stars ringéd round.

So that you can count

With as much precision

As mere mortals are allowed

The time allotted

To you,

passing cloud.

Prophesy your course

With celestial cartography

As it is omened to be

Until such time

As an angel comes

To thee.

And you will smile when

The one that erased Heaven

From your memory

And palled you in secrecy

Of every holy


Returns, to offer

Quietus. Gently.

As easily as the halting

Of a chime.

A kind of



Of music

And silence.

Never twice the same

Before the Hand rests

And we see you again:

Bide your time.

 (© Copyright Pola Negri 04/08/2015.)


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