A Posting Note

Hello Escritori,

Just for the sake of uniformity although I still feel like I’m typing into the void, I have decided on a posting schedule of Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


I have posts in reserve for you all including poetry which you seem to like, for the Sundays in Wedding Season. These days will be taken over with recovering from excess and may include such comments as: “It’s a miracle, I can SEE… oh no, wait, I fell asleep in my contacts again…” and “What time did we get home last night?” and “Why am I eating the contents of wedding favours for breakfast?” *repulsion at self*

FASCINATING snapshots into Wedding Season stream of consciousness. All these insights are capped mainly by “I need water. I ate too much and my eyes are all bloodshot. When will it be over?”

I’m currently not eating bread or sugar and I did an arm workout last night, after going to the bead-shop for jewellery making supplies. It’s a favourite form of occupational therapy of mine, plus I’m just generally creative. More will follow at some point as well as insights into bipolar.

Speaking of ‘words, words words’ and ‘madness’… I hope Mr Cumberbatch is well after his Barbican début as the Danish sweet Prince. I got an indecent thrill out of Ritullah Shah saying “Cumberbitches” in her level, very English news-caster voice on Radio 4 last night. Radio 4 being a bastion of both propriety and satire.

She said a naughty word! On Radio 4! Tee hee! I have poetry cued up for the weekend so I shall see you after the jump of that inaugural event, but I must pray and eat now as I just did a core workout… (Wedding Season.)

Keep scribbling and thank you for humouring me.

~ Pola ~


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