Asian Invasion

Hello Escritori!

I wasn’t actually planning this post ahead of the poetry one all queued up tomorrow but life, my dears, irrepressibly gets in the way. 🙂

Asian Wedding Season has hit. (Think very brightly coloured social hurricane.) I had hoped that we would all wriggle out of it this year due to Ramadan being in the summer and summer being high season for weddings. But no.

Z&N's wedding 011

The nearest parallel I can get to what this season is, is that it’s: like going to the Netherfield ball every night for a week. Or more. The funny thing is the majority of these pre-wedding rituals aren’t Islamic, but cultural. Anyway, phone summons have been made, the invitations have arrived and been scrutinised for levels of elegance… and my sisters and I are groaning about how boring it will be.

None of us are the Lydia type, let me just clarify. Both my sisters in fact, are Marys. We are not mad on dressing so our eye-shadow matches our clothing, while we flit about in migraine inducing colours like slightly pissed off birds-of-Paradise. Generally however, because we’re not ‘obvious,’ people think of us as what Austen might have termed ‘good natured, elegant and unaffected.’

I shall unaffectedly do a Lizzy-ish amount of dancing in privado as these events are always segregated into the sexes. I have a slight Jane-ish tendency of being the kind ‘cool girl’ who has a tribe of little girls impressed by my being: “So good at dancing!”

Yes, I have fangirls less than half my age. *head in hands.*Shame. Shame.


My qualm, (in addition to the old ladies one has to contend with, the feral tribes of children, the loud music and the extended family one tries civilly to avoid…) is that there is no Charlotte figure to talk to. I went through my phone last night texting people asking: “Are you going on Saturday? Will I see you?” to no avail. 😦

I’m in the bizarre demographic of being older than a teenager but unmarried. (Seems to be a societal holding bay.) My middle sister joins me in that club but she doesn’t feel it so much. Our youngest is only twenty which is nothing. I did lament a little bit that we don’t rationally hang out together…. but anyway the next THREE Saturdays will be taken up with the first batch of wedding shenanigans.

Posts will not be affected, and we’ll surely conduct “The Breakfast Table Autopsy” on the following Sunday mornings… with verve, as Mrs Bennet did about the number of times Bingley danced with Jane and who was wearing what that was the nicest.

All I know is, I’ve got to design make-up looks and hairstyles and be on a diet/HIIT starting from today. Ah. My cousin is going! Anyone been to any good weddings this summer?

jewellery 001

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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