Poetry (2)

Welcome Escritori,

I was going to write a much longer observational piece… Yet in the course of that I realised I can’t leave it TOO long to post, and so thought I would share another poem written bitterly and recently. I find French good for bitterness and Spanish for romance.


Un Cadeau Étrange

Je suis la femme


Qui voudrais tendresse


Qui vendre rêves.

Rêves, a toutes les hommes,

Sans intention malefient.

Je suis une femme

En qui avez,

Un plus –

Un coeur.

En fait…

Seulement un piéce:

Qui reste.

Qui reste.

 (© Copyright Pola Negri 27/07/2015)

Shout out to Optional Poetry who used Spanish in their poem recently, 24th July I believe, also I deduce it’s U.S. Spanish. My header images come from my 2013 post-diagnosis and recovery holiday to Andalucía, particularly Cordoba and the gardens of the Alhambra Palace.

I love etymology and  often use other languages just because they feel better suited and also because truths are harder to say in your own tongue, n’est-ce-pas? Anyway, as we are Continental neighbours this poem had to be expressed in French.

Sorry if that alienates some readers! Google Translate I guess? Apologies if the French is wrong, haven’t studied any since school. Enjoy!

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


3 thoughts on “Poetry (2)

  1. Je suis bien d’accord que certaines choses sont presque impossibles à traduire– quand j’habitais dans le nord de la France je me répétais plusieurs fois “il pleut dans mon couer comme il pleut sur la ville…” it rains in my heart sounds cheesy, but in french it just works

    Est-ce que tu connais Claude Esteban? Il est l’un de mes poètes préférés 🙂

    and thanks for the shout-out!


    1. De rien ma chére. Trés interessant. Yes, the sophistication that French gives to existential angst somehow makes it more palatable, ‘dolor exquise’ par example! Non, mais merci beaucoup. Today’s post will be more bipolar based though, I have got the next six posts lined up and there is another poem in the mix. I am not as bountiful as you!


  2. Und…Danke fur die ‘like’ M. Funk.

    Your pictures are eerie and inspirational. I am sure that they will inspire my poetry too. One of my favourite photographer’s is underwater photographer Zena Holloway. Check her out, incredibly versatile.


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