Poetry (1)

Hello Escritori!

Here is a poem I wrote just before Ramadan began, the INTENDED formatting of stanzas seems to have been scuppered though:


Right here,


In this Duniya*

We are akin to nothing,

But the bees of Jannah.**


Drowsy with wistfulness

In a droning hour;

Diligently seeking tastes

From every known flower.


Desperately hoping as we hop

That our weight does not upend

The translucent flower cup

On which we sit at present –

Then fleeting go.

On to other nourishment.


But the bee knows not regret

Commits nothing of consequence to repent:

Yet our grace is in looking toward the firmament,

Upon the mercies that He sent.


Although we wander in the dark,

Consider this in thankfulness:

We go not blindly,

Because He is ours

And ‘Lo, He said, ‘We have adorned Our lowest Heaven

With stars…’ ***


(Copyright © Pola Negri 04/06/2015.)

Key: * The world, ** Heaven, *** This is a direct quote of ‘Ayat ul-Mulk’ 67:5 Al-Qur’an.

For the next stretch of time I may or may not post as I am busy making up the fast days I missed in Ramadan.

The Qur’an has a lot of merciful options for people who are unwell/pregnant/in need of regular medication. In my case, I like to make up my fast days at a later date as I don’t like the idea of debt (which is considered a sin) and especially a debt to God, as long as I am capable of repaying it.

I know however that for my own body, I cannot do more than three fast days in a row due to dehydration risks exacerbating bipolar symptoms. So in that case, I’m also ‘repaying’ this debt with rest days in between.

Keep scribbling!

~ Pola ~


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