Breaking the Ice



It is probably more acceptable to roll out some form of welcome mat in this instance. Quick tip: never, ever do this when seeking a long term mate. However, as much in blogging as in dating, it is essential to begin breaking the ice.

To that end I’ll try to brandish the point of this post as alluringly as I can.

Hi! I’m Pola Negri, it’s a pseudonym inspired by the Silent Film actress of the same name.

This blog is the result of a Ramadan resolution to write about what matters to me, in my life, as a twenty-something Muslim woman living in the UK, whose dreams have been repetitively challenged by the fact that I have Bipolar 2 Disorder.

Now that revelation is out of the way, I would like to share the HUMAN side of me, because the two polar bears of Mania and Depression thankfully only ever take up minor roles in my life.

So: I will live, and die a writer to my last breath, I will always hate Marmite, I will always have something satirical to say about being British Asian and Muslim (whether it makes my mother tut or not.) I am a hijabi, I have a BA with a  highly regarded dissertation. I have worked as a Script Supervisor on a film, a Social Worker, a Theatre Usherette, a Trainee News Reporter, an Artist’s Assistant, an H.R. Assistant, a Bookseller, an Insurance Salesperson, a Proof Reader and I’m sure I will be many more things.

To be read is the thing.

I love crafting, languages and etymology and  I am a loyal friend and Agony Aunt.

As a sideline I would love for this blog to lead to collaborations and gainful employment as a writer. I aim to be a ‘quiet woman’ advocate for bipolar and just create a little space with my own visuals for: poetry, fiction, satire and articles which my friend TBG recently called: “Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Like a butterfly on the internet.” 


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